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Quick Info
Dinosaur Valley State Park Website
Dinosaur Valley State Park
P O Box 396
Glen Rose TX 76043

Trail Info
14 miles of very rocky trails with steep uphill and downhill climbs. Single and double track.

Trail Review
There is a river crossing required to access the 14 miles of pretty difficult, rocky terrain, mountain biking trails. The views along the river are worth the effort. There are a few bluffs overlooking the river along the trail.

There are many scenic overlooks that can be accessed by car too.

Difficulty Level
Intermediate / Difficult

$5.00 per person per day
Click here for more TPWD fees

TPWD Maps (In pdf format)
Map Of Multi Use Trail

Primitive Campsites

This is a very busy and popular park so plan ahead. The primitive campsites are several miles away and require a river crossing and hiking/biking over some pretty difficult terrain to access but it's worth it, if you want to avoid the crowds. We went on a weekend and had very few people ride or hike by our camp site. We went near the end of the camping season and all around our primitive camp site was evidence of previous campers doing there business (old toilet paper that still had not decayed).

Because the river ran so close to the bigger more populated areas we felt uncomfortable filtering water from it so carried our water in.

Campsites & Other Facilities

There are screened shelters; campsites with water and electricity.
picnic sites
a lighted group picnic pavilion.
restrooms with and without showers
dining hall with a full kitchen for day-use only
Day use only horseback riding (in S Equestrian Area)
a trailer dump station
Texas State Park Store
group dining hall
premium campsites are available
interpretive center located in the headquarters.

Dinosaur Foot Print Photos

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