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Trail Reviews > Tyler State Park Photography from Trail

Quick Info
Tyler State Park Website
789 Park Road 16
Tyler, TX 75706-9141

Trail Info
13 Miles of wonderful mountain biking trails.
2.5-mile hiking trail around the lake.
.75-mile nature trail

Trail Review
The trails are beautiful with varying degrees of difficulty over very rocky terrain. Lots of steep downhill and uphill climbs. The trails make this "party park" worth it.

Difficulty Level
Beginners to Difficult
The trails have difficulty markers on them so you know what you're getting into.

Fees (TPWD)
$3.00 per day per person 13 and older.
Other fees see TPWD fees page for Tyler Park here: fees

TPWD Maps (In pdf format)
Map Of Trails

Primitive Campsites

Note. If you want to camp here you will have to car camp. This was the loudest party park we have ever been to. The first night we heard announcements over a loud speaker from a group camped across the lake way past midnight. We got up the next morning and told the park rangers about it. They must not have cared because the next night was even worse. A new group was having an all night party and we got to hear music and people dancing to the Macarena till way past 2:00 AM. We drove across the lake to tell the people to be quite but they were so drunk that they really could not comprehend what we were saying. They had loud speakers, flashing disco lights and the works. The biking trails in the park make it worth the trip, but we will never spend the night there on a weekend again. I sent an email via the TPWD Website letting them know about the problem, but never heard back.

Campsites & Other Facilities

There are screened shelters; campsites with water and electricity.
picnic sites
a lighted group picnic pavilion.
restrooms with and without showers
dining hall with a full kitchen for day-use only
Texas State Park Store
trailer dump stations
group dining hall
concrete launching ramp with a courtesy dock
premium campsites are available.

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