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Custom Trail Survey & Cartography Services Most Recent Map

A trail map for the city of
Mineola Texas

Map by Martina Kolm &

See Map by visiting the
Mineola Nature Preserve Website
Would you like us to map your park?

Does your park, wilderness/natural area, preserve, trailway, or other outdoor space need a better map?

At HikingBikingTrails.com we would like to take our love for the outdoors, hiking and mountain biking to your park.

Here's what we need:

Type of park (hiking, biking, kayaking, equestrian etc.).
Park location.
Acres in park.
What makes your park special.
Projected miles of trails to be mapped.
Park terrain.
Known water sources.
Any dangerous critters we need to know about.
Park photos or a link to park photos.

The contact info to your park’s trail boss, so we can speak to them about your park. This is the person we would contact if we need assistance.

Tell us what you would like in a map that will best serve your community.

Allow at most two people from HikingBikingTrails.com to primitive camp at your facility, free of charge, while we are mapping the park. We always attempt to camp when you expect the least park visitors (usually during the week and not on weekends or holidays). We will leave no trace and our camp will be small, one small tent per person.

Here's what you get:

1. You get a printable map in JPG and PDF format to put online and at your trailheads.

2. Your map will be created using Photoshop and other professional software.

3. You get the gps information we gather.

4. We will pass along any important trail info as we hike and bike your entire park (like downed trees, signage issues etc.).

5. You get any digital images taken by our professional photographer.

Contact us today so we can start mapping a trail for you.

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