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Trail Reviews > Ray Roberts Lake State Park (the green belt) Photography (Green Belt)

Photography (Isle du Bois Unit)

Quick Info
Ray Roberts State Park Website
The Green Belt
Highway 380
Denton, TX

Isle du Bois Unit
100 PW 4137
Pilot Point TX 76258-8944

Johnson Branch Unit
100 PW 4153
Valley View, TX 76272-7411

Jordan Unit
Phone: 940-686-0261
Toll-Free: 866-LANTANA

Greenbelt Trail Info
Ray Roberts Lake Greenbelt is partial gravel/dirt Hiking/Biking Trail is about 11 miles one way starting from 380 and riding to the dam. There are three trailheads located at FM 455, FM 428 and Hwy. 380. About 30% of the trail is in wooded areas the rest is all in full sun.

There is no water along the trail only at the 455 and 428 trail heads. There is no water at the 380 trail head.

Greenbelt Trail Review
The hike/bike ride through the woods was the best part of the hike.

We have gone back to this trail about 25 times so far, building up our cardio by biking the trail each way, making for a good 22 mile workout. What's great about the trail is that it's one of the few places left to mountain bike during rainy weather. The trail is so easy to ride that you can really work on your speed. After riding this for several weeks due to rain, when we finally got back on a real mountain bike trail we rode much better due to our increased stamina from riding the Green Belt.

I biked the trail once on an early chilly morning after it had rained. I only saw one other person on the trail (a cool german prof from a nearby university). But I saw two deer, 6 armadillos and 5 wild pigs. That was really a nice treat. Most of the time I'm going so fast and there are so many people the animals get scared away. Sometimes it pays to ride slow, early and when no one else is out there.

Difficulty Level
Very Easy / Beginners

Greenbelt Fees
Self serve $5.00 parking/entry fee. There is no one on duty along the Greenbelt trail heads so you will have to have $5.00 ready to stick in a self serve envelope and secure payment box. Make sure to pay, I have seen people with tickets on their cars. Fill out the payment info too (even if you have a park pass), it helps the park get the right amount of funding, as they use it to track trail usage.

Maps (In gpx format to download to your hand held devices)
LakeRayRoberts.gpx DownLoad

Greenbelt Amenities
The trail heads have a picnic area and restrooms and two have water fountains. There is no water source along the trail or at trail head 380.

Directions From The Colony TX
Directions To:
Johnson Branch Unit
100 PW 4153
Valley View, TX 76272-7411
Slight right onto TX-121 BUS N 4.9 mi
Turn right onto S Stemmons Fwy 0.2 mi
Take the ramp on the left onto I-35E N 17.5 mi
Continue onto I-35 N 14.9 mi
Take exit 483 toward Lone Oak Rd/Farm to Market Rd 3002 318 ft
Merge onto I-35 Frontage Rd 0.3 mi
Turn right onto E Lone Oak Rd 6.5 mi
Turn right onto Pw 4153
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