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Quick Info
Purtis Creek State Park Website
14225 FM 316
Eustace TX 75124

Trail Info
There is a short nature trail.
You must hike in at least 1/2 mile to the first primitive campsite along a 4 mile loop. There is supposed to be a mountain biking trail in progress but still open to the public. We did not ride it because we thought the only trail was the 4 mile loop. This mountain biking trail map is still not on the park Website but they assured me it's there.

Trail Review
The 4 mile loop trail to the primitive campsites was not difficult to ride from a technical stand point, it was the 106 degree temps and the horseflies that made it dangerous. As we rode our bikes we would get pelted by huge horseflies. Some of them would hang on to you and bite. One got stuck between my eye and glasses so I had to ride with one eye shut for a few seconds till the thing got away. I actually crashed my bike right at camp hitting a root while swatting a horsefly that was biting the heck out of my shoulder. I got a pretty nasty scrape on my elbow (emergency kit time).

Difficulty Level
Beginner / Intermediate

$2 per day, per person 13 and older
Click here for other park fees

TPWD Maps (In pdf format)
Map Of Park and Trail

Primitive Campsites

You must hike in at least 1/2 mile to the first primitive campsite. You can hike a few miles further and along the way choose from a variety of other primitive campsites. We chose the last one "M" because it was the biggest and also very shady. This trail is a 4 mile loop with a porta-potty along the way. We were allowed to ride our bikes to the camp sites but when we called back a year later to do the trip again they said we could not ride our bikes because the mountain bike trail still under construction could be ridden instead.

We camped when it was 106 degrees. Even with the very shady woods it was too hot in our tent and we had a really hard time sleeping so we cut the weekend trip short and left the next day. The one day we were there we saw a deer, raccoon, turkey vulture armadillo, a beaver in the morning and at night. We think the large amount of wild life we saw was because so few people were at the park due to the heat and because our primitive campsite was separated by a lake inlet across from some wooded areas that do not have trails i.e. no people to scare the animals away.

Campsites & Other Facilities
campsites with water and electricity.
picnic sites
a group picnic pavilion.
restrooms with and without showers
fishing is allowed in lake
fishing piers and cleaning shelters
boat ramp
concrete launching ramp with a courtesy dock
premium campsites are available
park store

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