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Trail Reviews > Pedernales Falls State Park Photography from Trail

Quick Info
Pedernales Falls State Park Website
Pedernales Falls State Park 2585 Park Road 6026
Johnson City TX 78636

Trail Info
19.8 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails
10 miles of equestrian trails
14 miles of backpacking trails

Trail Review
We mountain biked all 19.8 miles of trails in this park. This is one of my favorite Texas State Parks.

The 4 mile loop trail can only be accessed via a river crossing. Parts of this trail have extremely steep rocky uphill and downhill climbs, where we walked our bikes. This trail does not have too many shady areas so in mid summer this trail would be crazy hot. We got to ride through meadows of wild flowers teaming with more butterflies than I have ever seen in one place.

The Wolf Mountain trail will take you to the first primitive campsites after 2 miles of hiking or biking. You can continue to ride it's 5 additional miles which will lead you to some more primitive campsites provided you don't go past Tobacco Creek, from there you are not allowed to camp.

The trails go past beautiful Jones Spring, where you could filter drinking water if you wanted. Across from Jones Spring is a tiny historic old stone house. You can see where the window and the door used to be. When riding the trail you will notice a several mile 6 foot high stone wall that runs all along the trail and out into the woods. Discovering this was a big treat.

Difficulty Level

$5 per day, per person 13 and older, staying for day use only
$3 per day, per person 13 and older, staying overnight

Click here for more fees

TPWD Maps (In pdf format)
Map Of Park

Primitive Campsites

You have to hike/bike in at least two miles to reach the first primitive camping spot. It is very confusing as you think you have reached Tobacco Creek where past this you cannot camp, but really you can keep going. The park map is wrong which just adds to the confusion. When you get to the sign that says Primitive camping, should you take a left you will see several campsites where most people camp. If however, you go straight and not left you will see several more campsites. This confusion paid off for us because very few people figured this out until after they already picked a camping spot. We ended up getting a big secluded spot near the bluff in a heavily wooded area. It was wonderful to avoid the Boy Scouts and Camp Fire USA campers who were camping in the more obvious primitive areas.

Don't expect a camping site that over looks the river though. You can't camp on the bluff.

Campsites & Other Facilities

campsites with water and electricity
a sponsored youth group area
hike-in primitive campsites
picnic sites
restrooms with and without showers
trailer dump station
Texas State Park Store
a covered bird viewing station with feeders and a drip bath

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