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Quick Info
McGee Creek Natural Scenic Area
576-A S McGee Creek Lake Rd
Atoka, OK 74525
580-889-5822 (state park # for nsa info) Call to make sure the area is open.
Travel OK Mcgee Creek Park Info

This NSA is a must see, one of my favorite places that's still close to home.

Trail Info
Enjoy 25 miles of hiking and biking trails in dense piney forests with no traffic noise to be heard.

The bumper of a car is listed as a marker on the trail map. You might overlook it if you don't know what you're looking for, so here's an image for you. It's on the left side a bit after the overlook.

Image of overlook area. Watch for the small yellow sign again on your left.

Trail Review
These are very easy trials to ride and hike, just remember they go for 25 miles.

Difficulty Level
Very Easy / Beginners (depending on the trail you take). What makes this difficult is the length.


Maps (In jpg format)
Mitch Arteberry, Park Manager for McGee Creek Natural Scenic Area created this excellent map. The McGee Creek Natural Scenic Area Map

We added the miles for each trail to his map (prints out to 8 x 10) as well as color coded the trails based on hiking or biking trail. (this is a large image file 2.61MB)
The McGee Creek Natural Scenic Area Map With Miles

Less detailed maps are also available at the ranger station / parking area where you sign in.

Primitive Campsites

We camped in centrally located section E1 about a 2 mile bike ride or 1.5 mile hike. If biking take the longer trail as the hiking trail terrain makes the ride much longer than when using the multi-use trail despite the increased distance.

The many trails branching off from camp gave us the ability to take a different trail everyday.

Box Spring wasn't flowing or we could not find it, so water was limited.

We snacked on a Muscadine Vine near camp after 3 horse-back riders (the only people we saw the entire weekend) told us about them.

Note that a bear cub was seen at the ranger station in November of 2009. We did not see or notice any bears in the area in sept. 2010 (the weekend we visited).

Facilities at the Ranger Station
picnic sites
restrooms with and without showers

Directions From The Colony TX (around 2 hours)
Take the ramp on the left onto TX-121 N 15.0 mi
Merge onto TX-121 N/US-75 N via the ramp on the left to Mc Kinney Continue to follow US-75 N Entering Oklahoma 95.4 mi
Turn right at OK-3 E/13th St Continue to follow OK-3 E 14.8 mi OK-3 E
TO TRAILHEAD: From Atoka, OK on US 69/75, turn east onto OK 3. Continue east for 21 miles. Do not take the McGee Creek State Park turn, but watch for a sign for the McGee Creek NSRA. This should be Centerpoint Rd. Turn north and continue for 10 miles. Just through the gate is a fenced parking lot on the left.

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More Photos by Trail (miles one way)

There is .7 mile long trail from the ranger station which will take to you the trail head of most of the trails below.

West Boundary Trail - 1.1 mile

West Branch Trail - 1.3 mile to B8

Trail to C1 guessing - 1.5 miles starting from B8

Nature Trail - 1.0 mile

Rocky Point Trail - 1.0 mile

Little Bugaboo Trail guessing - 1.6 miles B1

South Rim Trail - 1.5 miles to E1

South Rim Trail - 2.1 miles to B4

South Rim Trail - 2.7 miles to B5

North Rim Trail - 3.4 miles

Wild Cat Trail - 1.8 miles B3 & C2

Wisky Flats Trail - 1.6 miles B2

Hunters Cabin Trail - 1.4 miles

Coons Way Trail - .9 miles

Wolf Creek Trail - 1.1 miles B6

Hog Camp Trail - 1.1 miles E2 & B7

Boundary Trail (east)- 6 miles

Closed Trail - guessing 1.8 miles

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