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Trail Reviews > Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway Photography from Trail

Quick Info
Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway Website
100 Park Road 71
Mineral Wells, TX 76067

Trail Info
Horseback riding, hiking, & mountain biking trails (9 miles)
Hiking trails (lake trail 5 miles)
Backpacking/hiking trail (2.5 miles to primitive campsites)

There is a total of 16.5 miles of trails. The biggest section of trails is broken down into 4 connecting loops comprising the hiking only trail (that goes right to the primitive camping sites) and multi-use trail.

There is also a 20 mile one way trailway system. For more info on that
click here

Trail Review
The multi-use trail has lots of sand (hard to ride on that) and you will see horses.

One of the more difficult trails to bike was up at a higher elevation where the terrain was much more rocky, wooded and filled with cacti. This 4 loop trail made the park trip worth while as it was very scenic.

Difficulty Level
Beginners / Intermediate / Difficult (depending on the trail you take)

$5 per person 13 and older
Click here for more fees

TPWD Maps (In pdf format)
Map Of Park
Map Of Trailway

Primitive Campsites

You can get to the primitive campsites by mountain biking on the multi-use trail. It's longer than taking the 2.5 mile hiking trail but no bikes are allowed on that. The primitive campsites are at the border of a military practice shooting range. You will see some of the base on the multi-use trail and hear some gun fire shots at camp.

Since the soil is so sandy we saw critter footprints where we had eaten at base camp. In the morning we went walking around checking out all the footprints. There was a trail leading up a huge rocky mountain (or big hill). We climbed it and found ourselves on top of a huge flat area with tons of rocks and cacti. It would have been a beautiful place to camp but you were not allowed too and getting your gear up there would have been a big chore even for the lightweight gear we have.

Campsites & Other Facilities
There are screened shelters; campsites with water and electricity.
picnic sites
a group picnic pavilion.
restrooms with and without showers
a Texas State Park Store
fishing is allowed in lake
trailer dump stations
horseback riding
concrete launching ramp with a courtesy dock
premium campsites are available

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