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Trail Reviews > The Cross Timbers Trail at Cedar Bayou Marina Photography from Trail

Quick Info
Cross Timbers Trail Website
Cedar Bayou Marina
513 Cedar Bayou Blvd.
Gordonville, Texas 76245
Toll Free: 1 877-523-4248
Phone: 903-523-4248
Fax: 903-523-0408

Trail Info
This 14 mile dirt and wooded trail runs all along the shoreline. This is not a loop trail, so you will either hike in and out or bring two cars to park at trail entrances. From Cedar Bayou Marina to Juniper Point (under 4 miles) is mostly wooded with rocky ledges and many changes in elevation.

Trail Review
We only hiked the most difficult part of the trail starting at Cedar Bayou Marina ending at Juniper Point (under 4 miles) and then hiking partially back and camping in the primitive wooded areas. We were told there were no primitive camping areas along this stretch of trail but found about 4 camp sites. All our gear (boots, polls and ponchos) came in handy as we hiked much of the time in torrential rains. We were covered in mud. We could not find water at Juniper Point so we had to filter from the lake (which did not taste to great). The views were wonderful and hiking during a holiday weekend allowed us to see many water craft on the lake from our cliff ledges. But with the water craft came noise. So if you like it really quite don't hike during the holiday. I don't think one could bike this trail. We confirm what the Cedar Bayou Website states that this is, "Ideally suited for weekend adventures into the wilderness and for conditioning in preparation for extended wilderness trips". The hike gave us quite a workout with the changes in elevation. It's the most challenging hiking spot that we have found close to the Dallas Texas area. We plan to hike here again. It's a great place.

Difficulty Level
From Cedar Bayou - Juniper Point it's difficult. The rest is moderate to easy (although we did not hike that).

$5.00 parking/entry fee if you park at Cedar Bayou. Other areas are privately owned with parking as much as $14.00 a day.


Maps (In gpx format to download to your hand held devices)
TimberTrailLakeTexohma.gpx DownLoad
You can also find a map to print by visiting cedarbayou.com.

At the trail head there are restrooms with a small general store and restaurant (see image below). There is no water source along the trail. With primitive camping areas all along the trail (see images below).


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